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Vouwch is a platform that can help patients and families make a more informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right healthcare provider for a better care outcome. The Vouwch platform offers you both clinicians’ recommendation plus patient and families’ reviews. Our two-edge medical service review feature is a valuable decision-making tool because the healthcare industry is a unique one and we believe rating of medical care should not be done as if it were the retail or travel industry.

Health care is a little technical than many people think. Some patients and families may not have the required knowledge to do a good evaluation about the standard of care they receive. Very few patients/families are able to understand the technicalities in the medical service.

The medical care reviews we see today are nothing but a rating of the customers service part (the good foods, good pain control, answering of call lights, and attitudes of the nurses and doctors) of the care. In many cases, the good customer services do not match the care outcome.

Have you ever heard of the saying “when you are looking for a good doctor or hospital ask a nurse”? In most cases, this is true.

By virtue of working with or for a particular provider, clinicians (doctors, NPs, RNs, PAs, etc) are in a better position to rate the technical part of care providers give to their patients. For most physicians and nurses whenever they (or their families) need a particular medical service, they know the right hospitals or doctors they can go to get the best care. And if they don’t know any provider, they would usually approach a colleague for recommendations.

Unfortunately, many patients and families do not have the advantage of having access to a clinician’s opinion when it comes to finding the right provider. And that is where Vouwch comes in; with its double-edge care review system Vouwch can help you choose a great doctor or hospital based on recommendations from clinicians and patients/family rating. The newest hospital in town or the hospital with the fanciest building does not always translate into great quality of care.

Doctors & Patients Review

Vouwch is a different medical service review platform. Vouwch offers you the clinicians’ review of providers (doctors, hospitals, etc) they have worked with (or worked for) as well as patients’ review of doctors and hospitals (two sides of the coin).

So vouwch helps you pick hospitals and physicians who have been rated by both clinicians and patients to help you make a well informed medical decision. Which do you prefer, a family member (or friend ) who’s a physician/RN recommending a well known & great surgeon for your child’s surgery or just searching online and choosing any surgeon to do surgery on your kid?

What about a friend/family member who’s a RN/physician recommending a hospital ( which is very great in a particular specialty) to you for the care of a loved one or just picking the newly built and fancy looking hospital in your area ?

Clinician Reviews
Bravo Digram
Bravo Card

How did the nurses, RTs, PTs etc (except the physicians, NPs & PAs) who cared for your loved one performed their job?

Vouwch also offers you the “bravo message” option for you to express your appreciations or thoughts about the care those nurses or respiratory therapists gave you or your family.